This consortium is formed by NOVA, ASTRON, Airborne Composite, Dutch Space, JPE, SRON, University Twente, Technical University Delft and TNO.

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The consortium consist of universities, knowledge institutes and industry. For a complete overview of the partners within this consortium, please go to our Partners page

In July 2009 awarded the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) a grant to this consortium led by the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy (NOVA) to design, develop and build one instrument for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT).


NOVA representing all astronomical institutes at universities in the Netherlands is involved in consortia for different instruments for the E-ELT (European Extremely Large Telescope) and therefore responsible for different instrument parts. In order to fulfill this responsibility NOVA has formed a national consortium to help NOVA to do the necessary research and design. It is this last consortium that presents to you this website, giving an overview of all the projects that are going on. 

For more information about the E-ELT see the relevant page here at this website or by on the page maintained by ESO.

For more information about the different projects, see our Project webpage.


In order to build a complex instrument for the E-ELT, even if it is only a small part, you will need expertise and capabilities from many different areas. That is why NOVA has decided to form a consortium with universities, knowledge institutes and industry to make it possible to create a (part of) an E-ELT instrument.

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These are the partners in our consortium:

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